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Your Family Can Experience What’s Great about NYO
Five Orchestras, Two Wind Ensembles, Chamber Music Program, Jazz Program,
6 Level Solo Competition, Winter & Spring Concert Events & Summer Festival
Great Atmosphere at NYO San Diego youth orchestra

Great Instruction at NYO San Diego youth orchestra
Great Teaching Staff at NYO San Diego youth orchestra
Join NYO New Youth Orchestra - San Diego Youth Orchestra (San Diego). Youth ensemble training at its best.
Home to a world class and proprietary program here in San Diego. Youth Orchestra training program that has taught thousands of young musicians for the past 40 years.
Discerning community members searching to find San Diego quality music programs for their children are very satisfied in the NYO organization and its commitment to providing the very best ensemble training.
 Learn more at NYO San Diego brochure

Since 2012, NYO has doubled every year to almost 200 members today, estimated to grow to 400 members into our 2015-2016 season. Apply


NYO Solo Competition 2015 -2016  Sign up today!!!
NYO New Youth Orchestra Solo Competition 2015 - 2016, String & Wind Players, $5500 in Prizes, Deadline 1-1-15

All 6 finalist winners of this multi-level competition who each will be awarded Scholarship/Cash and a Solo Performance with one of the NYO ensembles. Sign up online at our NYO Solo Competition Application Page


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Congratulations to all first place winners of the New Youth Orchestra Solo Competition 2014-2015 held last night. Jason Hurlbut Violin high advanced level, Haeli Baek Flute & Judy Qin Violin (split prize) middle advanced level, Skylar Larson Violin lower advanced level, Nicole Pustilnik Violin high intermediate level & Esha Bharadwaj Violin intermediate level. All first prize winner will be given both cash and scholarship plus an opportunity for a solo performance with a NYO Ensemble in the upcoming NYO Spring Concert Series held this June 2015.

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Why members like
The New Youth Orchestra

The benefits of a small 
learning environment
NYO members, being Heard, 
Taught, Challenged & Inspired

Have Questions?  Call (858) 877-3696  or  email info@thenewyouthorchestra.com


Two Great Concert Dates - One Fantastic Season
Winter Concerts for the NYO 2014-2015 Season
Spring Concerts for the NYO 2014-2015 Season


At NYO, our members will....

be heard at NYO San Diego youth orchestra

Here at NYO, we don’t "Supersize" our groups and we don’t stuff our members in ensemble rehearsals like sardines.

But we do believe, the smaller sized groups throughout our program allow every instrument to be heard during practice time, therefore making it possible for our conductors and coaches to better assist each performer. 
be heard at NYO San Diego youth orchestra

The New Youth Orchestra Organization definitely knows that the "Sink or Swim" method does not work.

Students who perform at various levels who participate in our orchestra or band programs, receive the support of quality musicians who are professional teachers, to provide regular performance examples and also to offer ongoing technical instruction to our young performers. 

be challenged at NYO San Diego youth orchestra

Each semester NYO members will learn different music, we don't repeat the same old repertoire every year. 

We want to keep everything fresh and interesting for students who may be learning in the same ensemble from one year to another. Additionally, as the groups continue to become more proficient at the music they are given throughout the semester, the NYO conductors will continually adjust the upcoming repertoire to match the level of each group.

be inspired at NYO San Diego youth orchestra

Playing concerts in fancy and expensive venues may provide one day of satisfaction to a young performer and his/her family.

But this is not a replacement for receiving weekly rehearsals that include a world class music education that's based on a solid training program and guided by the finest instructors. NYO is providing our members with a wide range of knowledge and abilities that will be beneficial for a lifetime.


What's Up at NYO
Current NYO information,
events, features etc.


NYO member Jason Hurlbut,
finalist in the worlds most prestigious string competition
This is a small film about Jason Hurlbut, a NYO New Youth Orchestra member who plays in NYO's top performance ensemble the San Diego Premier Symphony  who took control over the direction of his musical career. 

Congratulations to Jason age 15, he is the first San Diego youth orchestra musician to be given the "Schoenfeld Recognition Award". The New Youth Orchestra is a sponsor of this award,  the funds are used to pay for travel expenses for those members who are chosen to compete in the Eleanore and Alice Schoenfeld International String Competition. Next year, up to three NYO members will be awarded this privilege.

World Renown Violinist and Composer Directs NYO Masterclass July 28th & July 29th
NYO New Youth Orchestra Festival 2014 is presenting a two day Orchestra, Chamber Music and Solo Masterclass for High Intermediate to Advanced Level youth musicians. Fucusing mainly on string instrumentalists, but any orchestra musician is welcome to attend.

Headed and taught by world class violinist and composer Juan Ramirez (NYO Artistic Advisor) who performs in the Atlanta Symphony in the first violin section. He is also very sought after for his compositions as he has just completed the cadenza for the Haydn Cello Concerto and has also finished a composition for word famous guitarist Pepe Romero.

After his summer appearance this July at the Sphinx Festival performing along side acclaimed solo performers such as Joshua Bell and Pinchas Zukerman, he will continue his musical tour of California and come visit us here at NYO debut his New String Training Program which includes intonation Exercises for violin, viola and cello, Chormatic scale and its intervals for strings, a study in intonation & concertante, and Orchestral studies for violin, violin, cello & bass.  Details

Charge is $150 for the two days

Sign up now
Please use this form if you are a non member of NYO

Results for Second Round NYO Solo Competition
We have made our selection for the second round NYO Solo Competition 2014 for NYO San Diego youth orchestra musicians. We want to congratulate those who are continuing, but also want to recognize those members who will not be moving on in this competition who we know have made great efforts in preparing their pieces and should feel good about a job well done.

We look forward hearing the finalist perform in the third round recital that are scheduled to happen in October 2014.

See results

Francisco Bandin NYO Brass Wind Specialist
Francisco Bandin shown left on photograph heading NYO's San Diego Premier Symphony French Horn section, is NYO New Youth Orchestra’s newest wind coach, who joined our staff in late Fall of the 2013 - 2014 season. NYO founders John, Miguel and Mario Ramirez consider Francisco to be an outstanding performer and teacher. They recognize and appreciate how he has greatly benefited the NYO organization through his dedication, knowledge and experience. NYO is looking forward to expanding his participation in our organization.

Francisco Bandin is a full-time musician and teacher, who performs regularly in San Diego County. Originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, Francisco began his musical education as a singer and guitarist at an early age. Then he transitioned to the French horn while still in middle school. After high school he was accepted into the U.S. Marine Corps at the age of 18 for the Musician Enlistment Option Program, which offers exceptional young men and women the opportunity to serve their nation while continuing to pursue their passion for music. As part of this program, he attended and completed the musical training at the Military School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia. After his training, he was stationed in San Diego in 2006, where he toured and performed with the Marine Band in numerous military ceremonies and civilian concerts, both locally and throughout the United States.

Full Bio

Early Bird Auditions for New Students June 14 & June 21
 Early Bird Auditions for New Students at NYO San Diego youth orchestra
Early Bird Auditions for New Students: Sign up today for an audition to become a member of NYO, San Diego finest teaching orchestra. Auditions will be scheduled from 9:00pm to 6:00pm on June 14th 2014 at the NYO facilities in Sorrento Valley. This audition is open to all new members. All ensembles, all instruments, all levels & ages 7 to 25

Remember that June 21, 2014 is the last day that new members can receive a voucher for the "Early Bird Tuition Package" which will save you $230. There is no fee for registration or audition, also families with two or more members will receive a additional $50 discount per student.

Complete the online application and the NYO office will schedule you for an appointment. These auditions are for ensemble placement as well as seating auditions.


Feel free to call or email Mario Ramirez, NYO Communication Director if you have any questions.  (858) 877-3696 marior@thenewyouthorchestra.com

Full Details

Successful Orchestra Program Now at The New Youth Orchestra
 Successful Orchestra Program Now at The New Youth Orchestra, San Diego youth orchestra
The successful “Ramirez Orchestral Training Program” that trained thousands of young San Diego musicians for the last 40 years was pulled out of San Diego Youth Symphony and is now at The New Youth Orchestra: The world class and proprietary orchestra program developed and owned by the Ramirez family, which has been used for decades at San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory (SDYS) as its primary orchestra training program, has been pulled out of that organization and now resides exclusively and permanently at The New Youth Orchestra. This is the same successful multi-tiered orchestra program that created and developed Sinfonia Orchestra, Concert Strings, Concert Orchestra and Debut Strings at SDYS. The San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory and these ensembles are no longer allowed to use the teaching concepts or the programing that were created by the Ramirez family.  

Since 2012, this San Diego youth orchestra, under the direction of John and his brothers Miguel and Mario, has been doubling in size every year and is now over 200 members and will seek to double to 400 members for the 2014- 2015 season. Benefiting by the exclusive use of “The Ramirez Orchestral Training Program”, NYO is not only guaranteed to grow in size, but also has the means to create world class youth ensembles matching the quality of those from renown music institutions including Juilliard School of Music, Curtis Institute of Music, Eastman School of Music and New England Conservatory. 

Full Story

NYO's Brilliant Soloist, Jesus Jimenez with Southwestern College Symphony
NYO New Youth Orchestra Soloist Jesus Jimenez with Southwestern College Symphony. Please enjoy this video clip, it is a wonderful interpretation of the cadenza of the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major.

Jesus Jimenez the young and brilliant solo violinist and concertmaster of NYO's San Diego Premier Symphony,  performed the 1st movement of the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major, as he was accompanied by Southwestern College Symphony Orchestra on April 2, 2014. 7:30 p.m. This full orchestral concert program of advanced symphonic repertoire was performed by Chula Vista’s top orchestral ensemble and conducted by maestro Jeff W. Nevin, also included Mozart symphony no. 25 all four movements, Neruda trumpet concerto mov. 1 and Handel water music suite no. 2. This concert was held at the Mayan Hall at the Southwestern College, 900 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA. 91913.

Jesus is a dedicated member of the NYO New Youth Orchestra organization and violin student of NYO 's artistic director John Ramirez.

NYO really does Rock with Executive Director, Miguel Ramirez

Our own NYO Executive Director Miguel Ramirez finished a week long concert tour with his rock band Brothers Weiss tonight. He is the singer and bass player. Concert was held at Soda Bar 3615 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA

Check out these articles on the band and the California/TJ tour in San Diego Uptown News by Jen Van Tieghem! Pick up a hard copy or read it here: http://bit.ly/1myX0aA
#thegoldenstatetour. Also, Bay Bridged article by Nicholas Schneider

NYO Spring Concerts 2014, June 7th, 2014
Elite Series Concert 1:00 pm & Premier Select Series Concert 6:00 pm
NYO San Diego youth orchestra Spring Concerts 2014

Coming this Spring, The New Youth Orchestra will be completing its second successful year. Like always, the NYO staff is very happy to announce two concerts featuring all of the NYO ensembles, including the debut of the NYO San Diego Premier Symphony as well as NYO San Diego Select Wind Ensemble, Orchestra II, Orchestra I and Concert Band. We look forward to this great event and hope that all NYO member families, friends and NYO fans from throughout San Diego will come join us in this wonderful NYO Spring Concert day.  Don't miss these incredible concerts of the best San Diego youth orchestra and band ensembles.

Elite Series Concert - Intermediate Level, Saturday June 7th, 2014 at 1:00 pm &
Premier Select Series Concert - Advanced Level, Saturday June 7th, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Go to NYO Spring Concerts 2014 page

Maestro John Ramirez  (NYO's Artistic Director)
Learn from the Best, NYO San Diego youth orchestra Artistic Director John Ramirez
NYO is San Diego finest teaching and performing youth symphony orchestra organization, lead by Master violinist and Artistic Director, Maestro John Ramirez. John Ramirez who is New Youth Orchestra’s Artistic Director, is a leading youth orchestra conductor and music educator in San Diego County. Backed by 90 years of a family music tradition handed down three generations, he and his brothers Miguel and Mario, have created “The New Youth Orchestra” which is San Diego's finest teaching and performing youth symphony orchestra organization. This San Diego youth orchestra is supported and assisted by a fantastic group of young performers and teachers including, David Rumley percussion, Peter Dayeh clarinet, Molley Rubin Bassoon and Francisco Bandin french horn.

John Ramirez is a proud alumni of the Julliard School of Music where he attended under a full scholarship. This was where he received advanced violin instruction under the legendary Dorothy Delay and collaborated with the world’s greatest musicians, conductors and teachers.

Read more: John Ramirez bio

The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition
The Alice & Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition
August 18- 25 2014 in Harbin China
$200,000 in prizes USD
Deadline for application May 31, 2014

Competition open for Violin, Cello and Chamber. Four division levels, Professional, Youth, Chamber Music and Aficionados.

A notice from Mario Ramirez, NYO Communications Director 
& NYO Chamber Music Director

It is an extreme honor for The Ramirez Family and The New Youth Orchestra to be advocates in promoting The Alice and Eleonore Schoenfeld International Solo Competition. Through the years, my teacher Eleonore and her sister Alice have been a huge influence in my professional life as well as becoming great friends to me and my family. So we have decided next year (2015), The New Youth Orchestra will be sponsoring 1 to 3  talented students from the San Diego and Los Angeles area, for an all expense paid trip to the worlds most prestigious classical string competition.

For more details about the competition, please visit:

NYO staff member Mario Ramirez
His close connection to histories greatest composers, teachers & performers
Mario Ramirez NYO San Diego youth orchestra's Communcications Director and Chamber ensemble Director
When Mario is coaching in NYO orchestra rehearsals or teaching chamber music, NYO student members can be confident that the interpretation of the music is only three generations away from the original sources such as Schumann, Brahms, Bruch, Dvorak, and Mendelssohn. As this precious information has been preserved and handed down with care from his teachers Alice Schoenfeld and Eleonore Schoenfeld.

At a early age of 8, Mario studied cello performance with Eleonore Schoenfeld and received Chamber Music training with Alice Schoenfeld for ten years . Mario’s music education with the Schoenfeld sisters, was based on the highest level European schooling which was rooted in the rich history of music traditions that go back only three generations and can be directly traced to the history’s greatest classical music teachers, performers Joseph Joachim and Hugo Becker as well as composers such as Schumann, Brahms, Bruch, Dvorak, and Mendelssohn.

The superb level European traditional training that Mario received, has reflected in the highest standards that have been set from the very creation of The New Youth Orchestra.

Read more: Mario bio


NYO Photo Gallery




___________________________________________________________________________________________________ .
NYO has a "Great

They [my children] were very proud to be amongst such a high calibre group of young musicians who continued to inspire each other at every rehearsal and meeting. I watched my children build their musical skill, interest, self-confidence, and motivation in the short few months of being in the orchestra.    Sarah C.


The New Youth Orchestra, San Diego
NYO Welcomes You
NYO (San Diego) - youth symphony orchestra

Miguel Ramirez The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego) - a youth symphony orchestra Conductor

Miguel Ramirez Bio

Miguel Ramirez
NYO Executive Director

Conductor of
Orchestra l,
Assistant Conductor of
San Diego Premier Symphony
  San Diego Select Wind Ensemble
  NYO Orchestra ll  & NYO Concert Band

John Ramirez

NYO Artistic Director

Conductor of
San Diego Premier Symphony
  San Diego Select Wind Ensemble
  NYO Orchestra ll  & NYO Concert Band

Mario Ramirez Bio

  Mario Ramirez
NYO Communications Director

Director of the
NYO Chamber Ensemble Program &
Preparatory Orchestra Program

A 90 year Ramirez family tradition

Music performance and teaching has been a 90 year Ramirez family tradition that has been successfully handed down for three generations. The NYO organization was proudly created by Ramirez family members that include Miguel Ramirez Executive Director, John Ramirez Artistic Director and Mario Ramirez Communications DirectorSince the conception of this organization, these three dedicated brothers along with others have been actively shaping the vision of The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego) - youth symphony orchestra (NYO) .

Join the experience

The New Youth Orchestra San Diego youth orchestra is now creating exciting new ensembles where young musicians can meet new friends and collaborate with like minded performers. It's also our goal to introduce orchestra members to a wide range of new contemporary music as well as the great standard repertoire. Our approach keeps fresh and interesting concert programs. NYO (San Diego) - a youth symphony orchestra, is about new ensembles, new friends and new exciting music. What can be better?

We're planning for the future

The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego) - youth symphony orchestra is rapidly becoming the premier musical ensemble experience for San Diego's young instrumentalists.

For years to come, the whole community will enjoy concerts and other exciting events sponsored by our Innovative NYO (San Diego) - a youth symphony orchestra.

We all look forward to programs that contain interesting and diverse symphonic music written by major composers from all periods. These compositions will include, but will not be restricted to mainly Mozart symphony No. 40. Beethoven Symphony No. 5 etc.. We don't want to limit our young members to mainly Mozart, Beethoven or even Brahms who are composers that wrote compositions which are instantly recognized to the general public today, but we want our youth orchestra performers to experience great works like Elgar Symphony No. 2, Mahler Symphony No. 5, Martinu Symphony No. 6, Bruckner Symphony No. 3, Symphony No. 1 von Weber, Tubin Symphony No. 3, Sinfonia Walker No. 1, Schnittke Symphony No. 8 and Philip Glass Symphony No. 7.


NYO (San Diego) - youth symphony orchestra is grateful to be serving families who live in "Greater San Diego" but also those who live in coastal North County San Diego like La Jolla, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, but also including Northern County inland communities like Mira Mesa Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Carmel Valley, 4SRanch.

The rehearsal facility and administrative offices of the NYO are conveniently located in Sorrento Valley, near the 5, 805, and 56 freeways. Ample parking is available.

The New Youth Orchestra

Go to San Diego NYO Map

The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego)
- youth symphony orchestra
10855 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 2
San Diego, CA 92121 US

For questions or more information,
call: (858) 877-3696 (3NYO), or
email: info@thenewyouthorchestra.com



NYO has "Great

I have been extraordinarily pleased with the excellence in teaching and musicianship here. My son's experience has been challenging and fun...
He [my son] has shown
great improvement in such a short time.
These dedicated instructors really know what it takes to bring out the
musical best in our kids!    
L. Williamson

Featured Videos:  Enjoy Watching these Videos!
NYO Orchestra III
Advanced Level

Full Size Video Page
NYO Orchestra II
High Intermediate to Pre-Advanced Level


Full Size Video Page
NYO Orchestra I
to High Intermediate Level

Full Size Video Page

NYO Select Wind Ensemble
Advanced Level


Full Size Video Page
NYO Concert Band
Intermediate Level

Full Size Video Page


NYO has "Great

The music selections were beautiful and quite challenging. And the kids had a great time in the process! My son and his friend loved it.
This youth symphony orchestra is amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next.    
Lori W.

Amy Caddell:

"The concert was outstanding!
It was definitely worth flying 2000 miles! The Ramirez Brothers are THE BEST! I hope you are planning on selling the video because I MUST have one. Congratulations on the wonderful job you did."
Betsy Schafer:

"It was so awesome
 to be a part of it.
Thank you NYO members
and Staff!"
Laura Ruth Clower:

"NYO is THE FINEST youth musical experience, and the concert was a delight in every way!  THANK YOU
and CONGRATULATIONS to the brilliant John, Mario, and Miguel Ramirez brothers, and to your many talented and fortunate students.
My son and I look forward to more beautiful NYO music!"
Yelena Heaton:

"The concert WAS amazing!
I am so impressed with the level of instruction at NYO and I have seen a lot of different youth orchestras. John Ramirez is a fantastic director with very high expectations for himself and for the kids and it shows! Every semester the music gets more challenging and the kids are thrilled to be able to meet that challenge and make beautiful music together. My son loves being part of NYO! Thank you John, Miguel, and Mario for creating this awesome ensemble.


NYO has a "Great Teaching Staff " 
As a musician I must say the NYO is definitely one of a kind. The artistic staff are really encouraging and their coaching brings our playing to a whole new level ... perfect for any student wanting to have a fun and challenging musical experience.    Kelly C.

Go to NYO Map Page

The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego) youth symphony orchestra Google Map, make an appointment to come visit us soon.


Go to NYO Calendar Page

The New Youth Orchestra (San Diego) youth symphony orchestra Google Calendar, keep track of NYO events.

                                                                                         Online Application 

NYO is a "Great Organization"

My daughter transferred to NYO because they offer a wide variety of repertoire, have innovative conductors, and interactive coaching galore.
She especially looks forward to rehearsals now
and loves performing with other talented peer musicians and friends.    Cary W.

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