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NYO has a "Great Atmosphere" 

They [my children] were very proud to be amongst such a high calibre group of young musicians who continued to inspire each other at every rehearsal and meeting. I watched my children build their musical skill, interest, self-confidence, and motivation in the short few months of being in the orchestra.   

Sarah C.

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The following are six paragraphs that clearly explain to our members our mission as an organization. They demonstrate our commitments and ideals which are based on open communication, leadership, mentorship, musicianship, teamwork, opportunity and setting the highest standards.

NYO is a friendly organization.
Here at San Diego Youth Orchestra - NYO New Youth Orchestra Program, we believe a friendly ensemble environment is one that is best suited to musical development, and leads to a more cohesive musical ensemble. The staff will actively encourage positive social interactions within the NYO community.

Communication strengthens us.

We are committed to building a strong bond and open dialog between staff and individual members/families in every aspect of the organization. We believe each voice is important.

Creating a community of artistic aspiration and achievement.
NYO students are each given an opportunity to demonstrate a high level of professionalism. The orchestra will be strengthened and inspired as we facilitate the development of successful student team members, leaders, and mentors.

Help students perform to their highest level.
Our artistic staff and coaches are committed to providing tested traditional learning techniques as well as innovative solutions and employing the latest technology that will allow the orchestra to be successful.

Explore the whole realm of music.
We will choose repertoire from a wide range of composers and time periods, and new repertoire will be regularly introduced. This keeps ensemble members engaged and challenged, while simultaneously keeping the concert programming fresh and exciting.

Every note played matters.
Because we adhere to traditional standards in the size and balance of our ensembles, the individual artistic contributions of NYO members will be recognized within their full ensemble.

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