NYO New Youth Orchestra, San Diego

Online Application

San Diego Youth Orchestra

Please call the NYO office to confirm that your application was received
at 858-877-3696

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out directly online: Online Application Link

Complete the online application, then the NYO office will schedule you for an appointment. These auditions are for ensemble placement as well as seating auditions.

Feel free to contact Mario Ramirez, NYO Exectutive Director if you have any questions.

(858) 877-3696  marior@thenewyouthorchestra.com


Attention Continuing NYO Members

To submit an online application and to make the Early Bird payment, please visit the links below. 

NYO Online Application 2017-2018 Season
Continuing Members

NYO Online Payment Center
(2017-2018 Season Tuition for Current Members)
Continuing Single Member Rate
Continuing Family Member Rate

There is an audition/registration fee of $50 for continuing members who pay after the June 17, 2017


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