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NYO San Diego Youth Orchestra's parent members and advanced ensemble student members say it all. They're all eager to tell the world how great it is to be a part of the New Youth Orchestra.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Jesus Jimenez:  Since the start of NYO, I had the confidence and trust that I would be receiving the highest level of instruction from any artistic director. After several years of learning and developing, I have not lowered my expectations. NYO works hard to put their students in positions of leadership and always succeeds. Success at NYO is measured by the progress and development of the student. They make sure to guide every student into the next level of musicianship. One may come in as a good player, but once a semester of hard work and quality instruction has come to an end, he or she will leave as a better player and musician. I encourage every young musician, who aspires to be the best they can be in every area, to join NYO. True arts awaits with a welcoming embrace at the prestigious New Youth Orchestra. 

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Aida Bohm: NYO's philosophy and its flawless execution has been a blessing to our daughter's musical advancement. We came from SDYS and there is no comparison, as to actual musical training. At SDYS, it was more a commercial experience, where simply the reputation and longevity was a plus, but there were so many kids there that it was impossible for our kid to receive an appropriate growth and coaching. At NYO, there is always an adequate amount of challenge and with that professional and careful coaching offered. My daughter is looking forward to rehearsals and is always confident on all concert performances. Our teacher recommended us to join there, and we are very pleased and would recommend everybody else to join.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Marya Rana:  The New Youth Orchestra is an opportunity that every musician should fully embrace. The positive environment, passionate coaches, and overall intimacy of the program make it an unforgettable and rewarding experience that not only polishes the musician, but also nurtures the individual.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Davin Lee:  At the New Youth Orchestra the directors constantly find great opportunities for the students. The students are encouraged to get involved in multiple aspects of music, such as chamber ensembles and solo competitions, in addition to the larger ensembles, to further their growth as both musicians and people. The accomplished instructors coach with detail and care, allowing the students to learn and express the beauty of their instruments, in a way unique to NYO.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Jason Hurlbut: Nothing can be more satisfying for a young musician than a rehearsal with one NYO's top ensembles. The instructors' attention to the smallest details of whatever piece is being worked on, respect for the composers' intentions and belief in the abilities of every student creates an experience that is both challenging and rewarding, all the while maintaining a cordial, even jovial, atmosphere. Whether it be an intense chamber music session (and by intense I mean two-hours-spent-perfecting-fifteen-seconds-of-music intense) or listening to recordings of a symphony (with pizza!) and discussing as a group how our performance could improve, I am always sure to be welcomed at NYO by a community where true talent is appreciated.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Steve Rosenbaum: The New Youth Orchestra is a unique and special organization for young musicians. The quality of instruction is excellent and it is easy to see that every one of the principal staff, as well as each specialist, cares deeply for the the kids and their development as world-class players. The rehearsals are intensive and enjoyable learning experiences for each of the orchestra members. Finally, the sound of each of the orchestras (divided by levels), as evidenced at their semi annual concerts, is beyond what you would ever expect from ensembles composed of such young musicians.

My daughter loves to play with this organization and I am so happy we are members!

Rated 4 Stars - Very Good by NYO student member Austin Nguyen:  Even though I am relatively new to the program, NYO is an experience unlike any other. NYO provides a positive environment that it is not only beneficial to my playing but also to my overall character. The dedication and passion the directors have for music are evident in their teaching and offers a brand new perspective to me as a musician.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Zack Edwards:  NYO has given me great opportunities to grow as a musician. The small ensembles have required me to learn my part and play my very best since every person's role is essential. My tone, intonation, and rhythmic accuracy have improved as a result of these rigorous practices. Also, NYO pushes students with challenging repertoire that they have never been exposed to or have even heard of. I fell in love with some of the pieces which I practiced and performed, learning about new composers and styles of music. Lastly, the overall atmosphere is innocuous and supportive while still maintaining friendly competition.

Rated 4 Stars - Very Good by NYO student member Flora Park:   My experience at NYO this year has been very rewarding. It has been my first year participating, and though I am very new, I was met with a welcoming staff and friendly students that definitely enhanced the experience. The repertoire we play is unique and challenging enough that I find I am constantly improving in my performance. I do not regret joining.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Jerod Sun:   I have had a wonderful experience at The New Youth Orchestra. From the beginning, I have enjoyed playing in an orchestra. However, The New Youth Orchestra offers a personalized, more direct involvement between the conductors, teachers, and students than others. This youth orchestra has helped me grow musically and professionally. I would and have definitely recommended this orchestra to my friends involved in music.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Amy Jeon:   NYO is a great opportunity both to grow as a musician and to meet others as well. Its small size is conducive to a great learning environment and the repertoire is varied and fun. I know its further growth will only mean further excellence.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Julia Wu: NYO is a fantastic orchestra for kids to practice and perform music. The teachers are professional and require high standard for kids to play at their best. My son has been in NYO for two years and he enjoyed it. For parents and friends, it's astonishing to watch how the kids grow and they are capable to perform high quality pieces of work during the recital concert.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Jocelyn Tzeng:   I have been attending NYO since it started, and each year I come, I see that the program has grown to more excellence. The teachers and conductors are all very passionate and they enjoy helping us grow and mature. Since I've come to NYO, I have grown a lot as a musician.

Rated 4 Stars - Very Good by NYO student member Albert Lee: This is a serious orchestra for dedicated young musicians. If you don’t put the efforts in it will show during rehearsals, but hiding behind others is not an option. Sometimes I have a busy week and come unprepared, but it shows compared to the high level players in the ensemble who know their stuff.  This environment really keeps me on track as a musician.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO parent member Ken Evans: NYO's pursuit for excellence has challenged both of our children to become more competent as musicians. Mario, John and Miguel Ramirez like to do things right! They inspire members to do more and be more! The challenge is always met with an outstanding performance at the end of each semester. We are impressed with the management and the quality of training. Our kids look forward to every Saturday practice- a highlight of the week!

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Emily Davis:  I have been a member of this orchestra for three years now and what I really appreciate about this organization is that while it is growing, it still maintains a good size of orchestra, allowing teachers to give personalized training to students. This shows that all of the members of the organization have high standards for all of the students who participate and how much they care and invest in all of their members. NYO has a wide variety of orchestra music that we perform which teaches us a large repertoire that is not common in most student orchestras.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Michael Margolis:  I really enjoy taking part in NYO, an orchestra that is both fun to be in and professional in repertoire. Though I have only been in NYO for around 6 months, in that time I've really enjoyed playing advanced pieces with some of my closest friends.
Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Ashley Choi:  I have been in NYO for 3 years and it was a wonderful experience. As I have been in various orchestras in San Diego, it seems that NYO was the only orchestra that was actually teaching me and challenging me in a big way. My hard work and dedication has been rewarded this season as I am now the concertmistress of the San Diego Premier Symphony, NYO's highest level orchestra. As I go to college this coming year, I will miss the friends that I have made here, but I would never regret having this wonderful experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Rated 4 Stars - Very Good by NYO student member Judy Qin:   I really like the New Youth Orchestra because it has helped me become a better violinist and musician in all respects. I appreciate the intense and individual training that I get in their mid sized orchestra setting, and I'm also grateful for the additional learning and performance opportunities such as the NYO chamber music program and NYO solo competition which allow me to become a much better player from season to season. NYO is a very rewarding experience for any young and aspiring musician.

Rated 5 Stars - Excellent by NYO student member Eugenia Tzeng:   I have been with NYO since the year it started. Being a part of this orchestra has really helped me grow to the musician I am today. Through this orchestra experience, I have learned many things including how to work with others. The environment that NYO provides is like no other that I have been to and has truly helped me grow as a musician. The staff at NYO is excellent and is very supportive of everything. 

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