NYO New Youth Orchestra, San Diego

Summer Camp

San Diego Youth Orchestra

Sign up for NYO's P.O.P. Music Summer Camp 2017
Summer Camp for ages 8 to 12. Inviting all young band and orchestra musicians.

Summer is a great time to get more involved in music training. Additional information coming soon


NYO's P.O.P Summer Camp Piano Lab Room
Here they learn basic keyboard skills, ensemble training, rhythm skills and listening skills.

NYO's P.O.P Camp Drum Class and Solfege/Theory Class
Left Photo: The drum class is a fun way to perform world music while learning comradery at the same time. Right Photo: Important theory concepts and solfege training is the focus of the theory class.
NYO's P.O.P Summer Camp Ensemble Training
Participants get daily rehearsals in both the orchestra ensemble that provides solid training in classical music training. As well, separate rehearsals are set up each day for World Music ensemble training, where members learn exciting arrangement of tradition music from different countries.

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P.O.P. Preparatory Orchestra Program is a multi level full music educational system. We invite beginning level all the way to intermediate 
performers to participate in this program.